I Need Your Help!

Dear Reader,

This is difficult, but I need to say it: I need your help.

I’ve been sick for about three years now, and have not been able to earn money for myself in quite some time.

I’ve recently begun attending a health clinic that specializes in my illness, and I have faith they will help me recover and regain a livelihood. However, it’s become clear my recovery is going to take much more time than I’d hoped. Realistically, it could still be years before I’m able to safely seek paid work outside my apartment. There’s no way of knowing.

At this moment, even online coursework in the goal of working from home is too much for me. I did as much as I could for as long as I could, but it became clear it was only making my health decline further.


If I’m to recover, I need to make my health my #1 priority. My financial insecurity makes this impossible. My partner and occasional assistance from my parents has been keeping the two of us afloat, but only just. Our situation can’t be maintained for very long anymore. I’ve opened an Etsy shop for selling my crafts ( tablehaute.etsy.com ), but am unable to do the marketing work required to gain sales at the moment.

If you can spare a dollar or two, I would be infinitely grateful for any help at all.

People anywhere in the world can send via Paypal through this link: https://www.paypal.me/jojonelline

Canadians may choose to donate through Interac e-transfer to joelline.girouard@gmail.com

A huge huge thank you to anyone who spares anything at all — it makes a difference, and I’m grateful.