Hi! I’m Joelline, the author of this blog. I’m glad you stopped by!

I’m a 20-something whose adventurous years were cut short by a mysterious illness otherwise known as chronic fatigue syndrome. It doesn’t look like recovery is forthcoming for me, so I decided to just fuck it and live my life anyway.

This blog is part of the result.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Acadian at heart.

The fuck does ShortCoffeeToGo mean?


In university, a few of the bus stops I routinely waited at were next to a Starbucks. When I had a bit of a wait in the cold, I’d treat myself to a short coffee to go — the smallest size they have. It kept me warm and I never felt disgruntled throwing away the last few sips as I got on the bus.

Thus, ShortCoffeeToGo was born.

Also I’m short and I love coffee and before illness did its thing I used to be always on the go.

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